Control your changing systems with HEIDENHAIN

HEIDENHAIN offers automation solutions for all machine manufacturers. These solutions enable changing systems such as pallet, tool, workpiece, and electrode changers to be connected to machines and the TNC control from a one-stop shop. Our implementation package includes the HEIDENHAIN PNC 610 control, various functions of the TNC controls (such as pallet management), and support through the PLC Programming Helpline of the HEIDENHAIN Service department. 

A one-stop shop: what may sound old-fashioned in the age of system solutions and modular designs often provides clear advantages in the implementation of complex projects, such as automating a machine tool. That’s why, when it comes to controlling a pallet change, Hedelius relies on additional HEIDENHAIN components and the implementation service of the HEIDENHAIN Service department.

Take control of your pallet changer:

  • The PNC 610 control from HEIDENHAIN as new application software for workpiece and tool automation
  • The pallet management functions of the TNC control
  • The Batch Process Manager of the TNC control

During connection of various systems, the PLC Programming Helpline of the HEIDENHAIN Service department provides support. These products and this service are available to all machine manufacturers.

Upon request, this new HEIDENHAIN offer provides an attractive and customer-friendly solution for machine-tool automation. After all, PNC and TNC controls, pallet management, and Batch Process Manager, as well as the connected machining solutions StateMonitor and HEIDENHAIN DNC, meet the highest requirements for such connection solutions.

HEIDENHAIN PLC Programming Helpline:
+49 8669 31-3102 or service.plcheidenhainde

Technical support

NC Support Helpline
+49 8669 31-3101

PLC Programming Helpline
+49 8669 31-3102

NC Programming Helpline
+49 8669 31-3103

Encoders Helpline
+49 8669 31-3104

Application Programming Helpline
+49 8669 31-3106

Replacement Parts and Repairs Helpline
Germany: +49 8669 31-3121
International: +49 8669 31-3123

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