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A programming station from HEIDENHAIN is the exact copy of a control. But it's a copy only of the control. It doesn’t duplicate the machine itself. By offering a digital twin, the HEIDENHAIN Service department is now remedying this state of affairs.

A digital twin in the design office is a nearly perfect duplicate of the machine on the shop floor, thereby bringing even greater value to the popular programming station.

With the digital twin on the programming station, a nearly perfect model of the machine kinematics and other functions is available in the office. This allows the graphical simulation to run just as it would on the shop floor. The fact that programs already run error-free on the programming station means increased machine safety. Setup and simulation time is reduced, as well as the time needed for making program corrections on the shop floor. Improved process reliability and greater production throughput are the result.

The easy steps to a digital twin

1. Communication with the NC Programming Helpline by phone or e-mail to obtain the exact requirements

2. Creation of a rough cost estimate by HEIDENHAIN based on the machine data

3. Preparation of a quotation

4. Order placement by customer

5. Adaptation of the programming station

6. Creation and transfer of a backup file of the adapted programming station

7. Import of the backup file into the customer’s original programming station

The backup with the adapted data can be imported to all equivalent programming stations.

HEIDENHAIN NC Programming Helpline:
+49 8669 31-3103 or

The digital twin brings the machine configuration from the shop floor into the design office.

With programs based on the digital twin, the machine operator can be certain that the machine will run error-free. 

Technical support

NC Support Helpline
+49 8669 31-3101

PLC Programming Helpline
+49 8669 31-3102

NC Programming Helpline
+49 8669 31-3103

Encoders Helpline
+49 8669 31-3104

Application Programming Helpline
+49 8669 31-3106

Replacement Parts and Repairs Helpline
Germany: +49 8669 31-3121
International: +49 8669 31-3123

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