HEIDENHAIN Touch Probes – Fast Replacement in the Event of Collisions

On machine tools, especially on milling machines and machining centers, HEIDENHAIN touch probes help

  • to reduce setup times
  • to increase the usage times of the machines
  • to improve the dimensional accuracy of the workpieces produced

When the workpieces are probed, it is possible that collisions occur and the touch probe is damaged. In this case HEIDENHAIN is ready to provide several solutions.

In most cases the collisions occur completely without intention and unpredictably, especially if the touch probe is moved without Dynamic Collision Monitoring. In case of complex 5-axis machining, for example, a wrong tilting movement cannot be ruled out completely. This failure is not only annoying but also really expensive: machine standstill, downtimes, costs for repair and other factors quickly accumulate to add up to considerable sums of money.

It is beneficial for the machine operator that he can rely on HEIDENHAIN - not just in one but in many respects.

  • The HEIDENHAIN TS 460 touch probe features a collision protection. Machine operators have no need to fear damage and can measure their workpieces with an easy mind. It can replace the TS 440, TS 640 and TS 649 touch probes.
  • The HEIDENHAIN TS 642 touch probe can replace many touch probes, such as TS 640, TS 641, TS 649 and TS 632. It offers several advantages over the older devices.
  • For many touch probes HEIDENHAIN offers exchange units as part of the Service Exchange. You do not have to wait a long time for your unit to be repaired but you immediately receive an exchange unit which is as good as new.
  • There are competent HEIDENHAIN subsidiaries in your region which can exchange and professionally repair your HEIDENHAIN touch probe. This on-site support saves you time and money. Your subsidiary would be glad to discuss possibilities for repair and exchange of your defective touch probe, and of course inform you of the new-generation touch probe TS 460. You can find your HEIDENHAIN subsidiary here.

For more information on HEIDENHAIN touch probes as well as exchange and repair possibilities, refer to the HEIDENHAIN Service News 16/2016

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